Friday, May 29, 2009

Burlington and Vicodin. And a sad departure.

Well, the two aren't necessarily related, but a) I'm back in Burlington for good (maybe) and b) I had my wisdom teeth out this morning.

Yes, a wisdom teeth removal. Not exactly my cup of tea, but hey, it wasn't so bad really. The put me under and I felt like I was there for five minutes. I don't even remember falling asleep; all I remember is feeling a bit woozy, and then the next thing I knew, hey he's tying up some stitches. Crazy. I'm still numb and that is one part I don't like. But right now I'm in bed, reading and cruisin' the net, and my diet currently consists of pudding and scrambled eggs. This is the life I tell you. Why can't every day be like this? Minus the surgery.

Anyway, let me catch you all up. Remember how I told you I was going to the Friends of the Library Book Sale? Well, overall I think I spent about $25 if you combine the three trips I took. The last day I went, I spent $17.50 and bought 17 books. How great is that? I'm now working on getting those read. What else can I do today except sleep, eat soft foods, do Internet stuff and read? Not much. Especially since my mother will not let me do anything else.

In my last few days in Ithaca, I decided I'd finally take advantage of the natural beauty of the region (after all Ithaca is Gorges). I can't believe I'd never gone to any of these places before. I feel like I took it all for granted. The day before I left I went to Buttermilk Falls with a book and some time to kill, since I had no idea where anyone else was. And on a whim, I decided to hike it. In my flip flops, but whatever. It was incredible. I had no idea there were mini canyons right down the street from me. And if you know me at all, you know I love canyons, or the idea of them. I've never actually been able to go to one before, since I assumed they were all in the Western states or something. Not so! It was beautiful and I definitely plan on going back.

The day before my mom had come up to help me move out, and we went to Taughannock Falls, which were also incredible. Unfortunately we could only look at them from afar, we didn't really have time to go hike down, and my mom is not one for hiking anyway.

And the day I left, my friend Sara and I decided to get up early and go to Lucifer Falls. Holy guacamole. THAT was by far the most incredible and most beautiful place I'd ever been to in Ithaca, if not ever. There was a trail leading to the falls, which are taller than Niagara, and even before we got there we went through the gorge there, passing mini waterfalls all along the way. And then, we got to Lucifer. Amazing. I will post pictures later, when I'm not on my laptop that I'm afraid to put pictures on since, you know, it died twice in the past year.

And then, I came home. I cried for like the first entire hour. I miss Ithaca so much, it became my home and now I don't know when I'll go back. After all, I'm working full time at Barnes & Noble and don't get two days in a row off, ever. Unless I ask way in advance.

Oh, there's another thing. My temporary job. I say temporary because I am technically only there until September, something I found out recently. At first I was kind of miffed, but then I thought about it. This opens up so many opportunities for me. I could a) find a better job, or b) take lots of road trips come September. I think I'm leaning toward the latter. My friend Katy has already mentioned going down to New Orleans, which would be so awesome. We shall see!

I've also been toying with the idea of moving to Tucson, Arizona. I have always felt a pull to that area of the country, not only because it's always warm but because of the natural beauty of the region and just a deep desire to go there. And Tucson is perfect, because a) it's where the University of Arizona is and they have a good library science program (plus if I live there for a year I would be able to pay the resident tuition and not out-of-state), b) it's in Arizona, and c) it's a four-hour drive to my aunt's place in Las Cruces, NM from Tucson. So that is a possibility, though I think my Mom will freak out when she reads this (right Mom?). IT'S JUST AN IDEA DON'T PANIC.

Anyway, that's my life up to now. Any thoughts? Concerns? Random comments?

Monday, May 18, 2009


I am sorry for abandoning you all for so long! It has been quite a crazy couple of weeks let me tell you. For one thing I have finished college and graduated (exciting!). I also had an entire week of senior events and probably gained back five pounds but I will work on that later. All I know is that I have a week of blissful days off and nothing pressing to do. I am going to the Friends of the Library Book Sale tomorrow though which may put a dent in my checking account. We shall see. Hopefully I will not go crazy but we never can tell with me and cheap books.