Thursday, April 15, 2010

A3G at it again... but with less than stellar results.

I don't know how many of you remember my post sometime last year about the comic strip Apartment 3G, when dope fiend Alan got shot by a junkie, but I've been following a somewhat similar storyline in that strip that just ended. Although, there was much more buildup to the climax and we actually saw the gun far before it was brandished menacingly. I was getting excited that we'd see some kind of action. Some exposition: Bobbie is a crazy, crazy lady who is dating a psychiatrist character who is giving her pills because they are dating. Bobbie (as it turns out!) is also the stepmother of Margo, one of the main characters (who lives in apartment 3G). Because she is crazy she buys a gun off some guy who tries to mug her and then confronts Margo and her husband, Martin, who wants a divorce. I WAS GETTING SO PUMPED TO SEE WHERE THIS WAS GOING. And I wasn't the only one, both Maggie at The Lovely Ladies of Apartment 3G and Josh at The Comics Curmudgeon were waiting for the gun to go off too! But ALAS it was the WEAKEST ending to a storyline I've ever seen. Bobbie's freaking PHONE rings and she gets distracted, wondering if she should answer it?! (That's called an interrobang by the way, or as I prefer the quesclamation.) When you are taking out revenge, you aren't conflicted about answering your cell phone. In fact, you should turn it off, Bobbie.

Not that I promote violence. But seriously that would have made for some great drama that was funny by accident. (As is most drama in this strip.)

Whew, got that off my chest. I'm going to go now. Enjoy your day, faithful readers (who put up with stupid posts like this one!).