Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I do have a reason.

I'm sorry everyone. I know I haven't updated in a while. But I have a really good reason.

It all started last Wednesday night, when I went to turn on my computer and got this message against a black screen:

"There has been a disk read error. Press Ctl. + Alt. + Del. to restart."

I did this, and got the same screen almost immediately.

After about five more panicked tries, I called home. For a half hour, I was crying to my parents about how I can't NOT have a computer AGAIN and to make a long story short there were many tears and I was very upset. But I eventually was able to fall asleep after writing out my science writing homework on a page of notebook paper (geez, when was the last time I did that?).

The next day I brought my computer into the good ol' Student Computer Repair Center, where they immediately told me that it was my hard drive. AGAIN. I told them that they had just replaced my hard drive in November, how could it POSSIBLY be broken? He told me it was probably defective. Fantastic. But he also told me that I could call them and get something called an Advanced RMA, and they'd send me another hard drive for free. So this I did. And found out I needed to go BACK to the SCRC and have them find the serial number on the actual hard drive. So after all this, and a fairly long conversation with some dude in India, I now have my hard drive at my house. If only I had the operating system disk and Microsoft Suite... that's on its way too. Hopefully.

I can't wait to get a Mac.


Molloy said...

A co-worker of mine from some ten years back had a saying for when your computer gives you the "There-has-been-a-disk-read-error."

He said, "Tape a dime to it. That way, when you throw it in the garbage, you can say you lost something."

Computer issues suck. My initial response is that you should chuck the PC and come over the Mac side. However, all of our Macs are starting to act funky, too.

If I had been forced to write out my papers, I never would have graduated. Not only wouldn't the instructors have been able to read my script, I wouldn't have, either.

Tahleen said...

I would never graduate if I had to write out papers either. Luckily my computer is back up and running, despite a few kinks along the way.