Thursday, June 18, 2009

Books, again. Also, Ziggy Marley is the devil.

Okay, I have so many books that I own and haven't read that I'm starting to feel pressured. How weird is that? I took out a book from the library yesterday (I finished it already anyway) and felt weird, since I have so many. And then I borrowed the second Percy Jackson book from my friend Erika and THAT made me feel weird because I was starting to read this other book that I won from GoodReads! I shouldn't be feeling panicky because I'm not reading haha. I'm just ridiculous.

On a side note, I plan on taking advantage of the buy 2, get the 3rd free promo at B&N for the B&N classics. I want White Fang/Call of the Wild, The Woman in White, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Hell, I might even buy six books and get two free. Plus I want that tote bag (in green!).

I'm sure you're all also wondering about my Ziggy Marley reference in the title to this post. To make a long story short, I HATE HIM AND HE SHOULD NEVER ENTER ANOTHER RECORDING STUDIO EVER. I have been listening to his infuriating children's album at B&N for FAR too long (at least 2.5 months!). It will drive any normal person to insanity. Go ahead, check it out somewhere. I dare you.


Fidget Midget said...

I get that way about books too! Looking at my bookshelf makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes and if I go to the store and buy another one, I have guilt trips about all the unread books I have at home. Oh, and I can identify with the music hatred. When I worked at TJ Maxx, they played Celine Dion all freaking day. Ughhhh.

Lori said...

Looking at my books is totally overwhelming! But at the same time, sometimes I'll look at them and feel like I have nothing to read. I think that at the rate that I buy them, I will never finish.
I can't relate any bad songs to my work...but the kids I babysit watch Suite Life of Zach and Cody and that show grates on my last nerve.

Tahleen said...

It's gotten to the point where I feel like a fool haha. But I am working on it.