Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What dreams are made of.

Just to make this clear, this is my second blog post that mentions the Food Network show Unwrapped.

He is telling me about a cereal bar near UPenn. No, not like a cereal bar you eat. A bar where people go to eat cereal. With comfy chairs and countertops in a kitchen-like room.

It's called Cereality. You start with a Chinese food-like carton, in which you can put whatever types of cereal and toppings you want. AND they have their own mixtures that you can follow for deliciousness.

To cap it all off, they play cartoons and '80s music. It's like the perfect place. All my dreams have just come true. Marc Summers, if you're listening, please tell them to bring one to Ithaca.


Molloy said...

Do they have pajamas you can rent by the hour to lounge about in? You know, like renting shoes at a bowling alley.

Tahleen said...

Except a little bit more disgusting.