Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today was Snake Day in my naturalist class!

Zach brought in one of his black milk snakes, and our professor (Elizabeth Lawson) brought in her son's ball python.

I have always loved holding snakes. I love the way they feel; smooth, soft and cool scales, slightly squishy, and underneath extremely powerful muscle. I love it!!

Zach's snake was beautiful. It was black, with a purple irridescent sheen. So gorgeous. And it was a fiesty one, too. He was climbing ALL over the place. I got to hold it, and it was climbing all over me, it's tongue flicking out. I think it licked me a couple of times. It got close to my face once too.

Elizabeth's was much more reserved. He was coiled up in a ball the whole time, even when we were passing him around. He fit into our cupped hands pretty perfectly. This snake was green with a brown pattern, kind of like how you'd picture a python. His head poked out now and then, but we had to look down into the coil in order to see it otherwise.

I'm getting a snake for a pet, Mom.


Molloy said...

I’ve always had problems with snakes. Maybe that was because of where I was raised and who raised me.

In North Carolina, the woods were, supposedly, teeming with copperheads and other deadly species. There were always stories passed around about people find snakes in their babies’ cribs or trying to slither in through someone’s front door. The latter story has entered one of two of my dreams. I can even recall a story where an elementary teacher discovered a copperhead with dozens of recently hatched newborns in a cabinet in her classroom. None of these stories were ever verified as I recall.

However, I am NOT passing on my snakephobia to my daughters. Both of them sleep with snake stuffed animals.

Miranda K. Pennington said...

Tahleeeen! I randomly looked at your old blog, and saw that you had a new blog! Yay!

Tahleen said...

Haha, yay! And not so yay for you Jeff, sorry to bring up bad memories!