Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm slighly horrified by this

Salt n' Peppa and Ice T are described as "vintage" in the BSG book I'm reading right now. Do I feel old. When the character said "vintage hip-hop" I didn't really know what she meant since I can't think of what vintage hip-hop would be. And then: Wow.


MGall31087 said...

I remember listening to Salt N Pepa and Ice T! Of course those were simpler times when we walked everywhere and soda pop cost a nickel.

Molloy said...

So I guess that makes the "Fat Boys" and "Run DMC" proto-hip-hop?

In addition, if you consider N.W.A. to be the Beatles of Gansta Rap, would Ice Cube be McCartney to Dr. Dre's Lennon? If so, does that, in some strange way, mean that Snoop Dogg is Yono Ono?