Monday, September 14, 2009

Rethinking digital education party times.

So earlier this month I blogged about Cushing Academy getting rid of their books and redesigning their library. I still am against getting rid of all the books in a school library (that is dumb). BUT that does not mean that I am against using digital readers instead of textbooks.

My mom sent me this article about how other schools are using digital media as learning tools, replacing textbooks with Kindles and iPod Touches. I think that is a BRILLIANT idea. I hate textbooks, unless they are English textbooks (as those are never out of date, like say history or science textbooks--I mean, O. Henry's short stories and T.S. Eliot's poetry ain't a-changing like these times). I would MUCH rather have gotten issued a Kindle in college and used that instead of getting stupid textbooks that I never ever used (*COUGHCOUGHSCIENCECOUGH*). I could still be using a Kindle and get books that way, and lots of classics are free on there, I hear. Or are like a dollar.

Though if laptops and stuff are used instead, then there are still the problems of limitless distractions and whatnot. But those of us who've been in college classes recently have dealt with that anyway (I am guilty of reading emails and reading things that have nothing to do with class while in class).

Though if you think about it, textbooks do give you the opportunity to write all over the place (and possibly doodle). I doubt it would work quite so well on a digital reader.

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