Thursday, January 14, 2010

UNO Chicago Grill: Only Way to Raise Dough!

The Burlington High School Music Boosters Association will be hosting a Dine Out event on Friday, January 22, 2010, at UNO Chicago Grill located in the Burlington Mall. Good on dine in and take out orders, Uno’s will donate 20% of all receipts (excluding tax and tip) to the Music Boosters during the all-day, all-night fundraiser.

The Uno Dine Out event coincides with the Music Boosters’ Youth Movie Night, an evening of fun for children ages 5-13 at Burlington High School where the youngsters can spend the evening with friends and watch the Disney-Pixar film “UP” on the big screen. Parents can drop their children off at Burlington High School under complete student and adult chaperone supervision at 6:00 pm and head to the mall for dinner at UNO’s and shopping, or pick up your order and take it home to your sanctuary of silence! (Pick-up time from BHS is at 9:00 pm.)

To participate in the BHS Music Boosters Association Uno’s Dine Out event, you must present the UNO’s coupon designed specifically for the January 22 event. Coupons for the UNO Chicago Grill Dine Out event and registration forms for the Youth Movie Night can be obtained by contacting the Music Boosters organization at or the music office at 781-860-1860. They have also been sent to every elementary and middle school home and will be available at the check-in desk during Youth Movie Night.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tahleen! Hows it going? You do actually know me...

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Hope things are ok on goodreads!

Anna said...

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Tahleen said...

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It's good to hear from you--you should definitely keep in touch.