Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm engaged!

Sooo in case some of you haven't heard, I recently got engaged! I am very excited about this, I'm not going to lie. No date has been set, but I'm hoping this will be decided fairly soon. Anyone in the Boston area, I'm looking for venue advice! :)


Anonymous said...

Tahleen!! Congrats!!! I'm very happy for you :) Let me know if you want to come to NYC and shop for...weddingy things.


Tahleen said...

Ah, will do Miranda! Thanks! Let me know if you're ever in Boston :)

gusDon said...

A relationship will become stronger with the engagement. Obviously the communication of both parties must be developed!

Fluff and Puff's Reality Blog said...

I'm not gonna lie this sounds so exciting! I can't wait for you! Im so happy for you. LOVES!