Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back again, with CVS adventures.

Hello everyone. Yes, I have decided to start another blog, for those of you who miss my London blog more horribly than you imagined you would. Rejoice, for all is well.

I'll write my first entry on something not many people would bother to write any entry on: CVS. Why write about this standard drugstore? Because yesterday I entered the most beautiful CVS I've ever been into IN MY LIFE. It was the new one on the corner of Cambridge St. and Skilton Rd. which may mean nothing to you, dear reader. But I walked in and thought I had entered a magical wonderland -- it was so big and open, and CLEAN. I usually never associate cleanliness with CVS. There was no clutter anywhere. And there was a tile path that led you through the store to. A tile path! I felt like I was skipping down the yellow brick road, on my way to meet the freakin' wizard of Oz. It was amazing.

Wow, after having written that, I now see how sad my life has become.

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