Monday, July 28, 2008

Back... again.

Gah, posting at work -- probably not the best idea. But it's been a while. For the one of you who knows this blog exists. I'll get the word out there sooner or later.

I am just searching for mom blogs at my internship (it's for the Beacon Street Girls company, check out the website at to see what I deal with on a daily basis) so I can suggest the girls head on over to our website. And it made me sad because I want to blog again. I remember I had a neglected blog so I came on over.

For the one person who has seen this before, you may have noticed I changed my blog name. Again. And it may not be the last time since I'm having trouble feeling excited about the current name. We'll see what happens, but you know, either way it will be about my life and the crazy crap that goes on.

Side note: Why the hell do radio stations feel the need to have three singles by Daughtry on their play lists, and also overplay the HELL out of them? Does he even sell any CDs anymore?

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