Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zaven at his best. Enjoy.

I was asking for help in coming up with an idea for my incident story for children's lit. Here is a part of our conversation:

zlo9324: how about a kid who wants a cookie and tries a bunch of stuff but just cant seem to get one
zlo9324: then at the end his mom gets it for him
daydreamerr87: what do you mean tries a bunch of stuff
daydreamerr87: i dont understand what you're talking about
daydreamerr87: what stuff
zlo9324: i meant different ways of trying to get the cookie from the jar
zlo9324: you kno
zlo9324: like tries to stand on his dog but the dog sees a ball and runs away
daydreamerr87: well THAT sounds dangerous
zlo9324: oh its ok
zlo9324: its just a puppy
zlo9324: and also its a childrens book
daydreamerr87: but they might try it if they read it
zlo9324: well
zlo9324: i dont think a little kid is gonna be able to stand on a dog
zlo9324: and if they try its there god damn fault not yours
zlo9324: where the hell is the damn parent

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