Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I haven't done this since third grade.

Tonight I, along with three other lovely B&N ladies, paper mached a giant chess piece for the Breaking Dawn event on Friday. You know, the book release I've been telling pretty much everyone about. By the way, you should come. It will be amazing, if only for the absolutely RIDICULOUS outfits and anticipation that will completely take over the store. Edward Cullen is to teenage girls as the Jonas Brothers are to tween girls. Except followers of Cullen think about sex. Ugh, I just made myself uncomfortable. I'm sorry for putting you through that.

I'm just hoping our masterpiece doesn't A) get ripped apart by some animal that makes its way into Dee's garage, B) gets peed on by said hypothetical animal, C) ends up disintigrating because it is too muggy or something, or D) just looks like crap. Out of all four choices, D is the most likely. Though I still think it was a brilliant idea to use a Burger King crown for the top part of the chess piece, which is in fact a queen (kudos to Amy M on that one). Also kudos to Amy for volunteering to paint the thing by herself on Thursday as the rest of us will be at work, and for also painting the black squares on the chess board. I think we can all imagine the horrible atrocity that would be the result had I been left to do this job.

My most important job all night was taking pictures. And I plan on developing them, oh yes I do. You'll thank me when you see them, B&N employees.

Also on a side note, Stepbrothers is probably the most pointless and hilarious (ly inappropriate) movie I have ever seen. Zaven says it's the funniest movie he's ever seen, period. Especially if all the other audience members are riotous teenagers.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Get a rhyming dictionary.

Dear Kid Rock,

You cannot rhyme "things" with "things."

That is all.


Back... again.

Gah, posting at work -- probably not the best idea. But it's been a while. For the one of you who knows this blog exists. I'll get the word out there sooner or later.

I am just searching for mom blogs at my internship (it's for the Beacon Street Girls company, check out the website at to see what I deal with on a daily basis) so I can suggest the girls head on over to our website. And it made me sad because I want to blog again. I remember I had a neglected blog so I came on over.

For the one person who has seen this before, you may have noticed I changed my blog name. Again. And it may not be the last time since I'm having trouble feeling excited about the current name. We'll see what happens, but you know, either way it will be about my life and the crazy crap that goes on.

Side note: Why the hell do radio stations feel the need to have three singles by Daughtry on their play lists, and also overplay the HELL out of them? Does he even sell any CDs anymore?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back again, with CVS adventures.

Hello everyone. Yes, I have decided to start another blog, for those of you who miss my London blog more horribly than you imagined you would. Rejoice, for all is well.

I'll write my first entry on something not many people would bother to write any entry on: CVS. Why write about this standard drugstore? Because yesterday I entered the most beautiful CVS I've ever been into IN MY LIFE. It was the new one on the corner of Cambridge St. and Skilton Rd. which may mean nothing to you, dear reader. But I walked in and thought I had entered a magical wonderland -- it was so big and open, and CLEAN. I usually never associate cleanliness with CVS. There was no clutter anywhere. And there was a tile path that led you through the store to. A tile path! I felt like I was skipping down the yellow brick road, on my way to meet the freakin' wizard of Oz. It was amazing.

Wow, after having written that, I now see how sad my life has become.