Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The (less than) glorious return.

I had not entered the gym doors for over three years. The last time I was in there was I think the very beginning of my second semester in freshman year. But I have recently decided to be healthy and exercise, and so here I was, standing in the entrance with my student ID and little gym bag.

Let me just make this clear: I hadn't been there in years. I forget how things work. Which was why I was hesitant and a bit nervous (dumb I know but leave me alone). Turns out there was good reason for me to feel my inexperience.

When I got down to the locker rooms, I wasn't sure if there were locks for me to use, so I asked the girl at the desk; then I asked if I had to sign anything, but apparently I just had to give her my ID card. As I was walking into the locker room, I looked at the combination lock she had given me and realized I hadn't used a lock since high school. Yes. I had forgotten how to use a lock.

Swallowing my pride, I went back to the girl and asked her to show me how it worked. She gave me a weird look but showed me anyway. As I walked back into the locker room with a deflated ego but new-found knowledge, I opened a locker and started to change. I opened my bag and took out my pants.

Only to realize it was a T-shirt. Awesome.

Let me paint a picture for you: Me, in a locker room, in my underwear, holding a T-shirt, a confused look on my face turning into one of frustration and an Oh-my-God-I'm-an-idiot expression. So, even more embarrassed than before (which is saying something), I turn in my lock to the girl and tell her what happened; I'm sure she didn't care to know.

To sum up the rest of my story, I went home and got the correct apparel, went BACK to the gym, and actually did run on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Here is the happy part: I ran two miles with only two walking breaks! Hooray for me!


Lori said...

Well, you're definitely doing better than I am! I still haven't started running. I keep telling myself that when I go home this weekend and bring back my running shoes, I'll actually start running. On the other hand, maybe I should just wait until school gets out and start running in the mornings because I probably shouldn't be adding yet another things to my plate right now.

Sorry for the long comment!

Tahleen said...

No worries about the long comment, I like it when people actually respond to what I write! I am glad I've started to run again, even if it is only in the gym; I want to eventually go outside and I'm hoping to get in shape enough to do a 5K at some point, which is a little more than 3 miles.

Sara said...

do a 5 k with me!! :)

Tahleen said...

Okay! ...and shouldn't you be writing your paper? ;)

Then again so should I so I should shut up. Man look at that palindrome.