Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A penny for my thoughts. If only.

I was having a lovely morning. It was relatively warm (though overcast) and even though the campus smells like poop thanks to the newly mulched areas (why they think looks are more important than smells I will never know), they had FINALLY turned the fountains on!!! I have not seen the fountains for almost an entire year, as they had turned them off for construction purposes.

My morning, however, took a sad turn when I attempted to make a copy in the library. The copy machines will not take coins (why would they, it's not like that would add revenue or anything) but insisted I use my ID Express instead (money that is on my ID card, sort of like a debit account). I remembered that I had a small balance on my card and thought I'd have enough for one 10-cent copy. The balance on my card: 9 cents. Of course.

So I was literally a penny short and could not do a thing about it. I did not get my copy, and I did not get a penny for my thoughts, which I would have gladly used to copy said thoughts through the use of the copy machine.


Fidget Midget said...

Those card things are such a hassle. I don't get why they can't just use change like any other machine. One of my gripes about my school is they make you pay 1.60 (in pounds) to use ONE laundry machine. Where does the money I'm paying them go if not towards my cost of living!

MGall31087 said...

Very awesome title :)