Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Screw you public safety.

I didn't turn on my blinker last Thursday while I was on campus, and OF COURSE the car behind me was a cop. He was really nice and didn't give me a ticket, but he gave me a campus summons. I had no idea what this entailed and I didn't see "failure to turn on signal" under the list of fines, so I didn't really think it was going to be too bad.

Ha ha, jokes on me.

I brought my summons to Parking and Traffic Services yesterday, thinking I'd be dishing out $10 or $15. WHAT THE HELL WHY DID IT COST ME 45 FREAKIN DOLLARS. Really???? It was a FIRST OFFENSE for me ever, I've NEVER been pulled over before this, and they charge me $45?? I hate you public safety. I hate you and your smug charging ways for stupid reasons. It was 9 p.m., who the hell was going to be affected by my not turning on my signal?? Gah.


Molloy said...

Hear! Hear!

When I was going to Florida State, I "allegedly" received a parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction (nose out) in a parking space. I say "allegedly" because I learned about it from a "FAILURE to PAY CITATION" notice in my mail box. Apparently, the ticket was placed on my windshield a month earlier and blew away (or was taken by someone or was never there in the first place) because I never saw it. In any case, I had to pay both the fee for parking in the wrong direction (WTF) and then some exorbitant fee for not paying it before it blew away.

Jamie said...

my school was gay like that as well. we would get tickets for absolutely ridiculous things. it was always some student on a power trip writing them all out and thinking that he was so cool. bastards. sorry you got screwed over!

Tahleen said...

Haha Jeff that is horrible. I hate paying for stuff I shouldn't have to pay for... especially when there are more important things to spend it on. Like, you know, food. And thanks for the support Jamie, though I am sorry to hear my school is not the only one to be stupid about things like this. Although an actual officer gave me mine, not some asshole kid.