Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random thoughts to help me combat boredom.

So here I am, bored at work. My boss is out of the office, so no fear of being caught with nothing to do (though I might ask for a project or something when she gets back). What shall I talk about?

I am going to start aerobics classes next week through the Burlington Rec Center, yay! Dance cardio = fun times. I hope I don't know anyone there from high school and haven't talked to them since... that's what happens at the gym. It's super awkward to see someone I haven't spoken to in four years or more, especially if I didn't even talk to them that much before. Or maybe it's more awkward when you used to be friends or friendly or whatever, and then feel obligated to "catch up" with them. Sigh.

I also found out it's very hard to read while running on the treadmill. I don't think I'll do that again.

I really like that I'm ten minutes away from where I work, but I do miss Lexington Center, when the company was located there. It's so nice there! So many cute little shops and places to get food, and the farmer's market every Tuesday. Plus it's pedestrian-friendly, though I only really like that when I'm a pedestrian. Usually they're all, "I'm going to walk in the middle of the street without looking so you'd better stop if you don't want a manslaughter charge on your hands."

I am about 10 books into my challenge, yay! I should update it on Goodreads, the best site in the world (besides Google!).

Anyway I see my boss rolling into the lot, I'd better get going! Enjoy your day.

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