Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am going to break my ban--sort of.

So I've been thinking recently about a book that I would like to not only read, but to own. I know I've been under my book-buying ban for seven and a half months (wow!) and it's become more a way of life than a challenge (I've only REALLY broken it once, and of course I haven't read that book yet--but I promise I will soon!). But this one I have heard about from enough different people and publications to make me use the remainder of my Christmas B&N gift card on an actual book instead of magazines or CDs or cafe food.

The book I'm talking about is Eve Ensler's new one, I Am an Emotional Creature. I read about it in two of my favorite magazines (BUST and Glamour, which are two fairly different audiences) and heard about it from a crazy lady customer at B&N (via a coworker of mine). The crazy lady customer asked my coworker, an older woman, if she had read it, and when she said she hadn't, the crazy one said "Let me buy this for you--you NEED to read it!" She ended up disappearing after going to the bathroom, and my coworker thinks it was some kind of scam, but I think she was just SO IN LOVE with the book that she wanted every woman to read it. Which I understand, in a weird way. I think I would offer to buy a book for someone if I thought it would make a positive difference in their life. I'm willing to make that bet with this one, and buy it for myself.

I may or may not post a review afterward, but I'll at least put one up on so you can read it there. (And also, you should join Goodreads because it's fanastic.)

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