Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ignore this post if you don't like reading late-night musings that make no sense.

It's nearly midnight and once again I'm alone with my thoughts. I think having my computer might actually be making it worse, because I'm having that hope of connection with someone but am being disappointed over and over. It's late and no one is on the computer, silly. Except for me.

I hate feeling isolated like this, and I know it's just dumb because I'm not really by myself. I just want to talk to someone and no one is there to talk to at the moment.

Listen to me, all melodramatic.

This is part of the reason why I love books so much--they provide a companion, or give me a place to escape to. I sound like a grammar-school "reading is fun" cliche, but there it is!

I'll spare you all the rest of my late-night musings and get back to my book, which is actually pretty illuminating--it happens to coincide with some things going on in my life right now which is kind of ironic, especially since I bought it about eight months ago. I will finish it tonight! That is my goal.

Good night!


Molloy said...

It's funny how books can help you feel less alone while tv, movies, and even music don't. I think I know partially what you're going through.

Tahleen said...

Thanks Jeff :) I agree--books definitely take your mind off things more than any of those things. It's probably because you're actually using your brain to focus on something else.