Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Don't do drugs.

My very world has been turned upside down. They've killed off a major character in the comic strip Apartment 3G.

I don't think anyone, except Erica, truly understands my distress and confusion about this momentous event in the comics. I have always viewed this strip as a "drama" that never really did anything too dramatic. Sure, things happened, but in a wholesome way. Even the drug addicts were chipper, in fact they felt "super" from the high. But this all went downhill when Jones, the only drug dealer in the entire city (apparently), went on vacation.

Ray ran out of stuff. And so, he went to ask Alan, the druggie boyfriend of Luann, for some more stuff. And Alan didn't have any stuff. So Ray freakin SHOT him.

THEY KILLED HIM. I can't even believe they took it that far, unless they were just looking to find a way to get rid of him. After all, Luann would never actually leave him, no matter what he did, since she is naive and stupid and believes only nice things about people. My theory is they got rid of him so she could get with Jack, who does NOT do drugs and does NOT "borrow" thousands of dollars from her. For drugs.

And now Margo has to go down to the art gallery (where they all work and where Alan got SHOT) to identify his BODY. God.

So the point is, I guess, stay away from drugs because you will get shot by a desperate man when the only dealer around goes on vacation. The funny thing is, I don't think they ever specified which drug they all did. They only ever called it "dope" or "stuff." I'm really hoping it was all over pot, because I think that would be really funny. In a morbid way. OH ALAN I'M SORRY.

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