Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ah, family.

I know that people think I'm crazy for doing this. But I figured, my dad has been doing this for the past, well, I guess my entire lifetime, so it couldn't be so bad, right?

What I'm talking about is this. With the rest of my family (both brothers and parents), I drove about 12 hours a week ago to Michigan to visit my uncle. Now, I have an internship, so I didn't want to miss another whole week (I had jury duty one day and it was July 4 the other day I was supposed to go in that same week), so I flew back home with my dad, who also had work, the next day. That week was pretty much business as usual, I went to my internship two days and B&N three days. Then we flew back to Michigan Thursday night.

Of course, our flight was delayed about two and a half hours, most of which we spent sitting on the plane. Too bad I was at the window seat next to Talky Guy Who Likes To Take Up All My Space.

So I spent a weekend with my family. All I have to say is it wasn't a vacation and I'm sort of looking forward to Ithaca next weekend.

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