Monday, August 4, 2008

Pff. I'll break YOUR dawn.

So Friday was the big day. My marathon day, and the epitome of teen girl excitement. Yes, the release party for Breaking Dawn.

So I won't bother describing the mob scene, since that's pretty much what it was. Just picture teen (and younger) girls dressed up, some inappropriately (think under-the-asscheeks short dresses). At one point when we were lining everybody up (poorly, I might add), I even got YELLED at by some fat girl who had a crazed look in her eye. Listen, buddy. I don't have to listen to you yelling at me. I've done enough as it is. I was in here at 6:30 am putting freakin' Christmas lights up on the ceiling using nothing but paper clips and a ladder. I carried my stupid fake Christmas tree in so I could make you a forest. BACK OFF. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON EITHER.

Anyway. I looked good and that's all that matters. I'll post some pictures once I get them from Rob, whose camera I did not lose, despite my panic attack after I realized it wasn't around my wrist anymore.

So we ended up getting through the insane line that wove all through the store in about a half hour, miracle of miracles. Unfortunately we were there for an hour longer, not cleaning up but peeling some kind of tape from hell off of the carpet. A word of caution: Never use tape that looks and feels like tinfoil with sticky on one side. It took about seven of us to get about 20 feet of it off of the floor.

Other than those gripes, the evening wasn't so bad. It was busy, and some people took it a little too seriously (I'm counting employees on this one), but nothing we couldn't really handle.

I have to admit, these books are a guilty pleasure of mine. Mostly because I feel guilty reading them. But I did decide, at the last minute, to buy the new one. And oh my goodness it's SO BIZARRE.

I won't give anything away for those of you that read it, but it is SO not appropriate for most of the girls that read these books. I don't know what the heck Stephenie Meyer was thinking. It's so sexual and gory, considering how chaste the other three were. But oh, did she make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to promote abstinence until marriage. Which I guess is a good thing, considering that a lot of the girls that read the books shouldn't even be thinking of sex yet.

But this posed an interesting problem for me in particular, since the website I monitor for is for tween girls and I know that a lot of them read these books. I had to write a warning for other monitors today about the book because it's so graphic and it will certainly become a problem. What a loop she threw us all for. And she's supposed to be Mormon.

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