Monday, August 25, 2008

O Lord, give thy servant a horse.

This weekend, I accompanied my reporter housemate/good friend Erica on an excursion to Romulus, NY, to see the Sermon on the "Mount." Not mount as in mountain, but mount as in horse.

One Mr. Lew Sterrett from Pennsylvania goes around the country, giving sermons using the analogy of horse training. Walking on the site of the sermon was like being in some alternate dimension -- there was a corral that I can only assume Lew brought with him, lots of people surrounding it in lawn chairs, and the man himself riding around on a horse talking to those who wished to speak with him. A regular cowboy. Bluegrass served as a nice score for the evening.

The sermon took an hour and a half. At least I got a free hot dog.

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Molloy said...

I watched the video.

And it's offical -- I am seriously concerned about this.