Friday, February 6, 2009

Ah Christ this movie is so good. Love it.

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Molloy said...

My girls watched it over and over again when we first moved up to New England (sprint 2002). Watching it with them so many times, I couldn't help noticing some nice touches that I had missed the when I had seen it as a kid. Until the moment the government bags their house, the only adult that is seen above the waist is Mom. And the first other adult we see is Peter Coyote's character -- the one who sympathizes with Elliot (and, of course, the only adult other than Mom at the farewell). And, of course, the scariest moment is when the astronauts enter the house -- what a wicked reversal there -- it is not the alien space traveler but the human ones that are shown as monsters.

The year the movie came out, 1982, was a fairly tense year in my childhood, but, yeah, little things, like this flick, kept things in perspective.