Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why is there pressure to be thin. Damn you society.

Man, diets suck hardcore. I'm hungry. And it's too late to eat anything because it will just sit in my tummy and make its merry fat way to my hips and bum. Life is so unfair.

If only I were Santa Claus. Then I could be fat and it would be totally acceptable; in fact, it would be expected. Santa's got it easy man. I bet he's on vacation on a beach somewhere, drinking Mai Tais and basking in the glory of a blazing sun. While I'm hungry and cold in Ithaca, NY, trying to write a paper that is pretty much 100% bull at the moment. Oh senior year, the things you do to me.


Molloy said...

Well, I don't know if you should be envying Santa -- he probably would have hardened arteries and severe diabetes.

Society definitely puts too much focus on being "thin." Being healthy should be good enough.

Tahleen said...

Thanks Jeff. And I don't know about that, Santa probably is fit as a fiddle, being immortal and all. Unless he is being punished somehow, like one of the Titans. Though I think I'd rather have diabetes than have my liver eaten out of my body every morning by an eagle.