Friday, February 6, 2009

More thoughts on E.T.

There was a scene on a school bus. I want to know what crazy place they live where the children have all decided to incite mass chaos like what I saw. I don't remember standing up and throwing random pieces of paper and various other things around at my peers.

Also, dear character, there is no need to repeat "Where's he from? YOUR ANUS??" three times. Once is enough thank you, and no, it's still not funny.

And holy crap, I totally didn't get the first time around that E.T. got drunk by drinking an entire six-pack, and Elliot in turn got drunk as well. WHAT. YOU SHOULD NOT BE ENCOURAGING UNDERAGE DRINKING STEPHEN SPIELBERG.

I'll probably be posting more on this, so brace yourselves.


MGall31087 said...

Wow I really remember absolutely nothing about E.T. But yeah that was pretty much what my bus was like. We'd throw anything we could find at unsuspecting younger kids. :)

Tahleen said...

Your bus's first stop must have been Hell. You need to see this scene--these kids were nuts.