Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh gosh, E.T. looks like one of those guys on Cops. He's drunkenly stumbling around in a ratty bathrobe.

And now he's a cross-dresser.

Oh the joys of rewatching movies from childhood.


Bobbie Carlton said...

LOL -- ET gave Liam nightmares. They watched PART of it at school and he couldn't sleep that night -- scared to death. We had track it down, rent it and watch it with him. It turns out he had never even gotten to any of the upsetting parts -- just the part where Elliot kicks the can into the woods and it comes back out. He never even SAW ET but his imagination filled in.

Tahleen said...

I was terrified of E.T. when I was little. He is so CREEPY with his glowing heart! I hated the glowing heart, especially since I saw it before the whole digital remastering. It was a lot more, hmm, fleshy back then. Plus E.T. is probably one of the ugliest aliens ever created. I think the one in Alien was better looking.