Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life as a social eater with no one to eat with.

I don't know why, but over the past few months (I guess you could say senior year), I've been yearning for the chance to eat with people. I do occasionally, like I'll go out to dinner with friends once in a while, but it doesn't seem to be enough. Not everyone will go out to eat, especially since we're all poor, and it's not very homey in my house--and ingredients cost money, too. It seems we're all just eating quick and easy meals with no time to spend talking and socializing, no time to savor what we're consuming (and, to be fair, a lot of what we're eating probably wouldn't be so great to savor).

I like sitting down and talking with friends for a while, maybe drinking a glass of wine, with good food on our plates and in a comforting atmosphere. I've rarely been able to find that here. The only time that really stands out in my memory, when I had a really good time out, was at the Sigma Tau Delta banquet at Pangaea restaurant. I believe they billed it as good food, fine wine, and great conversation, or something like that. And you know, that's exactly what it was--I loved talking to the people at my table and just enjoying all of the tastes, smells, sounds and sights around.

I don't know where this is all coming from, all I know is that I miss eating with other people. I think it should be a social thing. It is so incredibly lonely to sit on the couch with the TV as your only company and eat a bowl of pasta all by yourself.

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Elements said...

Now that I'm free a little more often- I'll eat with you :-)